Protect Sea Turtles

Universities, NGO's and governmental institutions are carring out conservation and monitoring projects during breeding season in Turkey. Main problems on the nesting beaches are veichle enterance to the beach, entrance of people to the nest,ng beach at night, destraying eggs by sunbeds and umbrellas, visible lights from the beach during night, buildings and development on the nesting beaches, predation.

Precautions should be taken on the nesting beaches of the sea turtles to protect from the hazards of visitors using the beaches, cars that are driven on the beaches, umbrellas for sunbathing, confusing lights of houses, hotels, other constructions and other factors. There are specialized precautions for the nesting beaches with various characteristics. Some precautions can be taken to protect the nesting beaches at reproduction seasons such as; banning the entry of the beach, educating the local people, making people know the attentive use of lights, beach equipments (beach chairs, umbrellas, etc.), the confusing lights can be reduced by curtaining and also by afforesting. Moreover lights with high wavelength (red, yellow) or low pressure sodium bulbs should be used at the nesting seasons; wrong ways of construction should be stopped, the nest losses can be controlled by using cages or relocating. While only 3% of the hatchlings come to the age of maturity and from a thousand eggs just 1 can get to the age of 50, the hazards on seas should be kept in control to protect the sea turtles. Although it's been controlled, a centre for the ill and injured sea turtles' treatment is necessary.

What Can You Do to Protect Sea Turtle Habitat?

First step to reducing light pollution that affects sea turtles
Don't use lights at night
Don't build campfire on the beach
Don't use sunbed and umbrellas on the nesting zone
Don't leave your belongings at the beach
Don't allow your domestic animals at the beach
Help entangled turtles in the sea
Prevent excavation work on the beach
Don't use vehicles on the beach
Don't throw garbage on the beach or in the sea
Don't use speed boats in 1 mile coastal zone