Nest Altering

Some clutchs are being laid very close to the sea. Altering these nests to safer place prevents from flood when tide is high.

Screening Nest by Grid Cages

Fox, badgers and other predator animals eat sea turtle eggs. Caging nests is very useful method to prevent nests from predation.

Embryonic Development of Sea Turtles

Investigation of embrionic development stages in different beaches.

Sex Determination

Determination of sex ratios of hatchlings by determining nest temperature with data loggers.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment of injured turtles and releasing them back to the their natural habitats.

Genetic Investigations

The genetic variety of the Mediterranean sea turtle population are being investigated by using mtDNA control region sequences.


The heavy metal analyses are being investigated by using turtle hatchling and adult tissues.

Satellite Tracking

Tracking injured turtles after their rehabilitation and healthy turtles after their nesting to determine the migration routes.