Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center established in 2009 after signing the protocol between related parties. Later in the year, the the Higher Educational Council of Turkey officially recognized the rescue center and this constitution was published in the Turkish Official Newspaper. Despite having nesting and foraging grounds along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, only one turtle rescue centre has been established following the RAC/SPA (Regional Activity Center/Special Protected Areas) guidelines (RAC/SPA, 2004).

This center is to be set up for year-round activity and to help educate the public about conservation efforts. DEKAMER will act as the regular monitoring of the Dalyan beach for nesting activities by accepting volunteers from all Universities. Any injured turtles found along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are also brought the center and will take care of their necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation. DEKAMER is open for both national and international collaborations in all types of scientific studies.